Nail Treatments

Gel Manicures and Medical Grade Pedicures

Gel Overlays (own nails)

Calgel and IZ Pro Colour are soft gels with a builder gel that can be soaked off, they both add strength and protection to your natural nails. When correctly removed cause no damage to your natural nail.


This is a gel system for an express manicure that requires no base or top coat with a great choice of colours. All treatments are tailored to your specific needs and are based on a personal consultation with yourself prior to any service.

Full tip extensions

These are enhancements that cover a clients full entire nail beds, adhering to the natural nail with cured gel polish (no glue used). They come in various shapes and can be altered to different lengths.

I specialise in Izabelle Hammon Ltd Products – which I truly believe are the best of the best products on the market.

Why do you have a manicure or pedicure?

Do you have short nails? brittle nails? flaky nails? peeling nails? dry or oily plates?

Do you pick or bite your nails?

If your nails in bad condition, it can sometimes be an indication as whatever is happening inside your body can affect the health of you hair, skin and nails. So whilst getting a regular manicure can sometimes pick things that may be going on early and can refer you to your GP

These are some of the reasons to go to a professional technician who can give you advice and create a care plan to achieve fabulous results.

It might be that you just love to show off your flawless manicure to friends, colleagues and family and as this gives an impression of who you are, defines your appearance and your personal style.


Benefits of a manicure ?

Firstly it improves the appearance of your nails and skin. This can boost your confidence and mood and secondly I would say that it gives you some quality time for you to relax and chill out.

Calgel Nail Specialist

I have over ten years experience and qualifications in this industry and continue to update my skills. I am passionate about nails and just love my job. I find something so satisfying about a perfect manicure and when you are delighted with the final result.

Would you like a luxury spa pedicure?


I have recently introduced a medical-grade pedicure, a Medi-Heel is a unique treatment for dry and cracked feet With a single, gentle treatment all the dead skin can be removed from the heel using a chemical foot peel. The Medi-Heel solution combines state-of-the-art ingredients which dissolve dead skin cells. It’s a completely safe chemical peel for the feet. This is followed by what I can only describe as a facial for feet, which will make you feel rested, relaxed and revitalized.

I do not compromise with hygiene and am given our utmost priority everything is sanitised before and after each client ensuring we are super safe.

It is your nails

I will take time to listen to what you want for your nails and my goal is to provide you with a service that you can be delighted with. I will tailor my style to achieve the look that you want, I have over 100 colours, which we can mix and match. I have glitters, Swarovski’s, gems, dries flowers and also been doing a little stamping. If you are thinking a little nail art if you could send some pics over so i can try new styles out before your appointment.

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The salon is a self contained private studio at home, has ample free parking and wheelchair access round the back of the building.